Theresa Borgren

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Theresa Borgren

Theresa Borgren is a life-long movement enthusiast. At the age of eleven, her sixth-grade teacher guided her toward dance; and therefore aligned the future of a young, restless and shy child.

Since that fated time, Theresa has been involved in movement either as a dancer, Pilates instrucor, overall fitness trainer and elementary school PE contributor. She holds certifications from ACE, Stott & NETA as well as a BA in Dance from the University of Minnesota.

Theresa says, "I live to move, I move to think and thrive," and as her fifth decade approaches, she attributes her health, wellness and energy solely to the constancy of exercising both wisely and intently. Theresa is compelled to share her knowledge of movement through a fun and informative environment, where there is a solid understanding that all bodies need to move deliberately and spontaneously.  Her goal is that every body can enjoy the freedom of being fit and confident.

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