Senior Fitness

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We are proud to offer our Fit for the Ages (FFA) Program -- Group Fitness classes specifically designed with the active older adult in mind!

  • Fit for the Ages (FFA) 1: This chair-based class focuses on maintaining “functional fitness” throughout your daily routines. Easy stretches to increase flexibility; low-impact, easy-to-follow cardio dance moves for heart health; a variety of exercises using weights, bands, and balls to increase strength, and balance exercises to promote confidence wherever you go. This class is great for those new to exercise and anyone looking for a gentle, fun way to enhance their quality of life.
  • Fit for the Ages (FFA) 2:This class is designed for the active older adult looking for a bit more vigorous exercise experience. Building on the foundations of FFA1, FFA 2 begins with 20-30 minutes of low-impact, fun cardio dance moves followed with a variety of strength and balance exercises designed to enhance your daily activities, finishing with stretching and flexibility moves to increase the range of motion that allow for more ease in movement and enhanced daily function. A great workout for any age, this class will keep you rockin' for the ages. (Occasionally there may be some floor work using mats, but modifications will be offered for all levels).
  • Fit for the Ages In the Round Circuit: This station-based class will focus on strength, balance, and agility exercises to promote an enhanced quality of life while executing tasks needed to live a confident, disease-free life. Be prepared to be surprised, challenged, and engaged in the many ways that fitness can enhance your life! (floor work on mats may be a part of this class but modifications will be offered for all levels)

In addition to our Fit For the Ages program, we offer many classes on our weekly schedule that are appropriate for seniors, including Stretch and Balance and Pilates. Please see the schedule for more information.